Instant Support Instant Smiles

We have recently partnered with a new orthotic company. They offer a wide variety of standard and customizable orthotics for daily wear that will fit in nearly every type of shoe. Most people wonder why they would need to wear an orthotic. The two most common reasons I can tell you are Foot/Heel pain and/or uneven […]

Training shoes vs Running Shoes

One of the common questions asked by our athletes is what type of shoe they should wear to the training center. Running shoes are designed to offer support in a forward motion and minimize the impact to the body during heel strike and toe-off. They generally have thicker heels and a flexible toe which aids the […]

Should I train year-round?

This is a question that we are asked frequently. The answer is an absolute yes. The benefits of year round training are all most too many to mention.  Year round training allows athletes to continually see improvements in their strength, speed, agility, and explosiveness. While the in-season training frequency of training will be less than in […]

How much physical activity do children actually need?

This is a great article from the CDC about how much physical activity your child should get on a daily basis to increase health.  Most children are often getting the adequate amount but just to be sure, take a look at what criteria they should be meeting. Children are recommended to do 60 minutes (1 […]

Overweight and Obesity: Health Consequences

This article was distributed from the Surgeon General from a Call to Action that was created in 2001.  Though it’s slightly dated, it holds a lot of weight today because we are still fighting Obesity and Weight issues.     PREMATURE DEATH                                                                                                                               An estimated 300,000 deaths per year may be attributable to obesity. The […]

Coronary Heart Disease Risk

The following article is a great article for patients and physicians about coronary heart disease giving insight on effective questions to ask patients and other clinical data to consider.  Healthways encourages preventative health measures as the risk of Heart disease is still on the rise in the United States and Bismarck is no exception. Author: […]

What are fast twitch and slow twitch muscles/muscle fibers

When it comes to fitness and rehabilitation,  you may hear the terms fast twitch or slow twitch muscles or muscle fibers.  Here is some helpful information about these two terms to help you understand them. Are you a better sprinter or distance runner? Many people believe that having more fast and slow twitch muscle fibers […]

Winter Driving in North Dakota

A major road connecting Bismarck and Lincoln was closed for several hours this morning after a head-on collision. It happened shortly before 7:00 this morning on Yegen Road. Police say the crash forced them to barricade parts of the road south of the North Dakota National Guard base. Two cars collided, and both drivers were […]

Influenza begins to hit in North Dakota

Flu Season is here We`re about a month into flu season and we`re already hearing reports of influenza in North Dakota. At least 12 people in the state have been diagnosed with the flu. Two of them live in long-term care facilities. Typical flu symptoms include fever, headache, sore throat and runny or stuffy nose. […]

3 Benefits of an In-Season Training program

How should I train during my season? This is a common question athletes are faced with during their competitive hockey season. At Healthways Training Center we design our in-season training with three specific goals. Injury prevention during your season If we can maintain an athletes strength and flexibility during the season the likelihood of an […]